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Louis Napoleon Comes to Power
Starter: Find Someone Who
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WALT: How and Why had Louis Napoleon become Emperor by 1852?
WILFs: Can tell the narrative of events 1848-52 (how) (D)..... Can identify valid causes and explain them (C)... discriminates between causes (which were more important and why) (B)... Can evaluate cause and build up a convincing and supported argument (A)


Lesson Development
1. Connect the Learning with 'Find Someone Who' revision activity ... No sheet swapping.... Discuss answers... Different person for each one

2. Pair and promenade - what were the main events from the fall of Louis Philippe to 1852 and the rise of Napoleon III ... Stand and share

3. In Pairs Use link 1 the presentation embedded below and the reading given to create a MIND Map... Why did Louis Napoleon come to power? Identify and connect the causes

Include: - Napoleon's ideology - what he offered France - division between republicans and socialists, appeal to the workers, Power of the Presidency, 'The Right Unites', Napoleon's personal qualities - destiny/skill etc. 

4. Pass the parcel Mind Maps - read, add, develop, annotate X3 then return to owner

5. Quiz quiz trade ( questions from Mr Walker)

6. Then in your new pair create a Diamond 9 Causes diagram

Plenary: Vision On: Draw a picture which causes BEST explains Louis Napoleon's rise to Emperor... no words allowed ....... share and interpret your diagrams X3

Extension:  With a new partner Rally Coach an essay plan for today's WALT

&. Prepare to complete this essay in timed conditions next week - as a priority make sure you have completed the 'Making Notes on the Second Republic tasks 1 - 2.6 on page 80 of Randell

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