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The Franco Prussian War
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WALT - What were the causes and consequences of the Franco Prussian War? Why did France lose?..... WILF .... K and U of main events with sound chronology (E-C) Can list causes and consequences and give reasoned support (C-B)

Lesson Development

Starter: How important was the Ems telegram as a cause of the Franco Prussian war?

1. Divide a page in your note book into three columns

a) Causes of Franco Prussian War / b) why did France Lose/ c) The Consequences of the Franco Prussian War

2. Watch the Video and take notes under each column

3. Stand and Share

4. Pair Up and use the external link to futher develop your notes using the same columns

5. Pair again and create Diamond 9 diagrams for the Causes of the Franco Prussian War - Why France lost - and the Consequences of the Franco Prussian War

6. Mix Pair Share the WILFs

Reading : Randell

Magraw pages 187-190

Richards pages 91- 101

Murphy et al pages 354 365

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