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Past AQA Questions

The ultra-conservatives were responsible for the failure of the Bourbon monarchy.'
With reference to the years 1815 to 1830, assess the validity of this view. (45 marks)
 'All French governments in the years 1831 to 1870 were failures in foreign affairs.'
Assess the validity of this view. (45 marks)
 'The Third Republic survived only because of the mistakes of its opponents.'
With reference to the years 1870 to 1875, assess the validity of this view. (45 marks)
The collapse of the July Monarchy was due to short-term political miscalculations.'
Assess the validity of this view. (45 marks)
 'The foreign policy of Napoleon III was a complete failure.'
Assess the validity of this view. (45 marks)
 How significant was the part played by the Church in the political changes in France
in the years 1815 to 1875? (45 marks)

  Other Possible Essay Questions

1.       Why did Charles X only retain the French throne for 6 years?

2.       Why did the reigns of Charles x and Louis Phillipe end so abruptly?

3.       Analyse and evaluate the causes of the 1830 revolt

4.       Domestic problems not foreign policy issues were the root cause of the fall of Louis Philippe. Do you agree?

5.       Why did the 2nd republic 1848-51 fail?

6.       Assess the view that French foreign policy 1815-48 was a failure

7.       How liberal was Napoleon III's liberal empire?

8.       How successfully did Napoleon III solve the problems which had caused the downfall of the July monarchy?

9.       It was foreign policy not domestic opposition which sealed the fate of Napoleon III. Do you agree with this view?

10.   Why did republicans fail to establish a republic in France 1815-70

Minimum Requirement (you are allowed to do more!)

You will need to complete 6 essays from the lists above - one of the Bourbons, one on Louis Philippe's domestic and one on Louis Philippe's foreign policies, one each on Napoleon III's domestic and foreign policies and one on the Third Republic

Essays should be depth essays and include a bibliography of at least three sources one of which must be a University level book.


2 essays before Easter.... remaining 4 before May half term

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