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Lesson 4: From Chancellor to Fuhrer
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Walt: How and why did Hitler become Fuhrer
Wilf: Can recount the narrative of events 1933-34 (E)... Can list and decribe relevant causes accurately (D).... Can link causes and describe connections in the context of events (C/B)... Can evaluate causes and come to a supported judgement in the context of a developed knowledge of events(A)

Lesson Development

1. Jot thoughts - why and how Hitler came to power - swap tables and sort into long term, short term, social, economic, political

2. Watch the film - make a list of steps Hitler took Hitler from being Chancellor (Prime Minister) of a coalition government to absolute dictator or 'Fuhrer'

3.Study the PPT and add to your lists

4. Now Mix Pair Share

a) What was the Reichstag Fire and how did Hitler use it to his advantage

b) What was the Enabling Act - what did it end and what did it begin?

c) What was the Night of the Long Knives and why did Hitler arrange it.

This lesson now examines in detail the 7 steps Hitler took in his journey from German Chancellor in 1933 to all out dictator or Fuhrer in 1934.
1. Read and take
notes from the PowerPoint
2. Mix and Rally Coach the 7 steps exercise
3. Mix and Rally Coach the Interactive Diagram
4. Answer the exam practice question on the AFL Forum individually, then use the markscheme to mark, www and ebi your Revision Twin's answer

Hindenburg and Hitler

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