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Nazi Agricultural Policy: Blood and Soil
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WALT: What were the successes and failures of Nazi agricultural policy?
WILFs: Can identify and explain the motives behind Nazi agricultural policy (D)....... Can describe and explain key features of Nazi agricultural policy.. its successes and failures (C)... Can evaluate how successful Nazi agricultural policy was supported by well selected evidence and convincing argument (A)

Lesson Development

Starter - connect the learning with a Roaming Review

Did life can better or worse in Nazi Germany for:

Workers, women, young people, christians, artists and intellectuals, 'aryans', minorities?
Step 1 Read and take notes from the PowerPoint Intro.
Step 2 Read and take notes from the AQA book pages 81-81 and Collier and
Pedley pages 204-05, then pair up and Rally Robin the successes and failures of Nazi agricultural policy.

Step 3 Stand and Share
Step 4 Individual work: Using what you have learnt and the external links write a short
biography of 'Ricardo' Walter Darre identifying his beliefs, his career and

Step 5 Pair up and use the Target Diagram Template below to write an evaluation of the success or failure of his policies.
Step 5 Plenary :Paraphrase Passport the question - 'What were the successes and failures of Nazi Agricultural policy?'


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