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 Louis Philippe Revision Lesson
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Taking Notes on  Louis Philippe
Socialists & Bonapartists
Interpreting Louis Philippe
The Fall of Louis Philippe
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WALT: What were the successes and failures of Louis Philippes domestic and foreign policies?.... To what extent did the mistakes of Louis Philippe and his ministers contribute to his fall? How and why did opposition to LP grow from 1830-48?
WILF: Can identify, explain and describe the main foreign policy and domestic policy events and issues of Louis Philippe's reign (E-D)..... Can assess how far LP and his ministers were responsible for the fall of the regime (B)... can assess the importance of the growth of opposition to LP 1830-48 (B)

Starter - In 2 teams try the shootout on Louis Philippe


Lesson Development
First review the detailed PPT then:
1. Cover the Table - Group 1: The domestic policy of Louis Philippe..... Group 2: The foreign policy of Louis Philippe
2. Review the PPT on Socialists and Bonapartists
3. Rally Robin then Pair up and complete a Diamond 9 diagram called 'The Mistakes of Louis Philippe and his Ministers 1830-48'

4. Form pairs then sit in 2 groups of 4 - Simultaneous Round Table the following exercises   5. Plenary - Paraphrase passport the following questions a) What were the successes and failures of Louis Philippe's reign? b) Why did louis Philippe fall in 1848?
 Extension: Reading

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