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Why did the Reigns of Charles X and Louis Philippe end so abruptly?
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Causes of 1848 PPT
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Louis Philippe Success/Failure
1830 Revolt Causes
1848 Revolt Causes
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WALT: Why did the reigns of Charles X and Louis Philippe end so abruptly?
WILFs: Identify and explain causal factors for both revolts (E-D)....... Compare and contrast a range of causes drawing out similarities and differences (D-C)..... partial evaluation of one or both revolts (argument there but not sustained) (C-B)... Clear evaluation of the causes of both - sustained and suported argument (A)


Lesson Development

1. Starter - in groups of 4-5 using the Post its - COVER the TABLE - use notes, books, website to review:

Group A - what were the causes of the 1830 revolt?

Group B - what were the cause of the 1848 revolt?

Swap groups - read, review and add where you can

2. Rally Robin Causes of the 1830 Revolt and the Stand and Share

3. Rally Robin Causes of the 1848 Revolt and the Stand and Share

4. Simultaneous Round Table
Students respond in writing to the challenge/question on the paper - (pdf worksheets available from the blue button bar left)
On time being called students pass papers clockwise and add to the answer already been given. On receiving a new paper students must thank and praise the writer who has gone before them
Repeat until instructed to stop

5. Using the template below and in a new pair create a Fish Plan for the essay question (today's WALT)

6. Timed Essay

Click here for larger version

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