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Life can be tough as a junior golfer. Your television screen is flooded with images of successful golfers - be they Tiger Woods or Colin Montgomery - seemingly sinking a long put with effortless grace. But who exactly are junior golfers? Officially, junior golfers are those still at secondary school, or, alternatively, those under the age of 18 - whichever comes first.

But never fear, junior golfing is supported throughout the country by a network of organisations, both at county and local level. Tuition costs vary widely so it pays to shop around and to talk to others who have been through the same process. One of the most important things to do is to get involved in an organisation and thereby meet other junior golfers. Here you can enter tournaments, benefit from training and also socialise. You can also enrol in a Junior Golf summer camp and so combine your favourite hobby with a trip away. These camps include various training exercises and focus on the individual`s game - so are guaranteed to improve your golf.

You might not think it, but fitness is also key to junior golf. Focusing on the trunk muscles is a must here, as they will form the basis of your strength when playing golf. Don`t try to do too much at once - think of it as a process and focus particularly on exercises which well help your balance; posture is very important in golf.

Probably the first thing you`ll want to do is to buy some clubs; this can be daunting though, as the variety is simply staggering. You can either buy a set of clubs tailored to junior golfers, or choose you own individual ones. Junior putters are probably the most important club of all since this is the club you will use the most. But, beware: look for clubs that match the length of your body. Clubs that are too big or too small will adversely affect your game. Take advice! Weight is also key, as heavier clubs are more difficult to swing accurately and consistently. Make sure that the club is fitted with a junior grip as a larger grip can make it feel like you are swinging a cricket bat!

Being kitted out in the latest gear is probably concern - most junior golfers are fairly image conscious. However, when choosing clothing you should bear two things in mind. First, make sure that comfort and quality match appearance; these are the clothes that you`ll be playing in for the foreseeable future, so clothes that are too tight or overly baggy will have an adverse affect on your game. Accurately fitting shoes are highly important - make sure you get them fitted as your feet will be spending a lot of time in them! There is also a range of products to go with your clubs; bags are a must (make sure, naturally, that they are big enough to accommodate your clubs); other products such as sun-visors are useful but costs can soon mount up, so choose with care.

Like any sport, golf takes time to practice and perfect. Start with a junior golf set and who knows - you may be the next Tiger Woods. Even if you are not, there is a lifetime of enjoyment to be had from a decent game of golf.

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