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Every Lesson Counts: Reading Skills

Walt:  What are the 3 reading skills?
Wilfs: Understand the difference between scanning, skimming and depth reading.... share and compare ideas on how and when to teach these skills... contribute to a whole school literacy policy

Session Development
 1.   First watch the clip -  what is the difference between skimming, scanning and depth reading ?

2. Round Table : When should we use scanning, skimming and depth reading in our teaching?  How should we teach these skills?


More on skimming and scanning from the BBC HERE

You might use scanning to:

  • look up a word in a dictionary or index
  • find an address or a phone number in a directory
  • check what time your programme is on television
  • look up details or prices in a catalogue
  • pick out the website you want from options on a Google search

You might use skimming to:
  • see what's in the news in a paper or on a website
  • browse through a book to see if you want to read it
  • look through the television guide to see what's on one evening
  • flick through a catalogue to see what's on offer
  • look through the options given on a Google search to see what sites it suggests

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