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What makes a Co-operative School different?
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WALT: What makes a co-operative school different?
WILFs: Can use and define the key values of cooperative schools.....Can describe where co-operative principles came from in history..... Can discuss the benefits of being a co-operative school and how being a co-op can make DSTC an even better place to learn and work

Lesson Development
Starter : 1. First watch the short film clip on co-operative schools - as it is playing try and write down a few ways in which cooperative schools are different from ordinary schools

2. Promenade your shoulder partner and discuss today's WALT - try and decide what's the most important thing that is different between a co-operative school and an ordinary school?
3. Stand and Share

4. Return to your seats. Now on your tables either complete the card sort activity on cooperative values or if you have access to computers complete it digitally.
5. Investigate the clip, the handouts and the links on Robert Owen. He was the man who first came up with cooperative values in the 19th century. As a team prepare a display on the life, work and ideas of Robert Owen. the best ones will displayed on our open evenings and Co-operative launch day.

6. Plenary - Pair share the following questions - change partner for each question - remember to coach not tell:
i) What are cooperative values?
ii) Who was Robert Owen and what did he achieve?
iii) How can co-operative values make DSTC a better school

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