Refugees and Asylum Seekers
 The streets are paved with mice of gold
PowerPoint Intro
Key Terms Matching
Where do they come from?
Media Lies
Summary Diagram
In this session you will learn about refugees and asylum seekers.
By the end of the sessions you should be able to define some key terms and understand the main issues and discussions associated with refugees and asylum seekers.

1. Read the Powerpoint
2. Complete the matching quiz
3. In groups discuss the issues raised by the discussion point below
4. Research the external links on where asylum seekers come from and how the papers lie about asylum.
5. Complete the summary evaluative diagram and print it.

Discussion Points - what does your group think about each statement?
1. People should be allowed to travel freely between countries
2. Richer countries have a duty to look after poorer countries
3. Immigrants and refugees bring important skills into the country
4. People coming in are "taking all our jobs"
5. Newspapers lie about asylum
6. We should help people less fortunate than ourselves
7. Britain sells weapons to the countries asylum seekers come from and is therefore a cause of asylum problems
8. It is a good thing to have a cultural mix within a country

Citizenship Home
a famous refugee

Interesting Fact
Einstein was a refugee

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