By Andy Walker

a GCSE History revision quiz from

1. Who discovered the anaesthetic qualities of nitrous oxide?

Humphrey Butters

Humphrey Davy

Humphrey Cusion

2. When was nitrous oxide identified as an anaesthetic?

3. What is the common term for nitrous oxide?

giggling gas

happy juice

laughing gas

wacky baccy

4. Who discovered the anaesthetic qualities of ether in 1842?

Crawford Long

Michael Crawford

Crawford Cheddar

Crawford Short

5. Who held a public demonstration of ether as as an anaesthetic in 1846?

6. What are two problems of using ether as an anaesthetic?

it puts you to sleep and you cannot feel any pain

it is an irritant and is explosive

7. Who discovered the anaesthetic qualities of chloroform in 1847?

Bart Simpson

Homer Simpson

Marge Simpson

James Simpson

8. Why was there an increase in deaths immediately after surgery despite the adoption of effective anaesthesia?

patients never woke up

doctors were careless

the problem of infection still hadn't been solved

9. What is a side effect of chloroform?

lung damage

liver damage

10. Which organisation opposed anaesthetics believing women should suffer during childbirth?

the Women's Institute

the church

the United Nations

11. Roughly when was the "Black Period" in surgery?