Louis Pasteur

1.Complete the interactive lesson on Pasteur (middle button)
2. Write 2 paragraphs in Word saying why Louis Pasteur was important in the history of medicine. Include a picture of Pasteur
3. Make a power point presentation called "Important Factors for Louis Pasteur". You will need a slide on each of the following factors: Government, Industry, Individual,War, Nationalism, communications, Technology and research, chance

3. In your opinion was Louis Pasteur the most important person in the history of medicine? Add an evaluation to your earlier Word document which gives your considered view.

Use the following page references and link buttons to help your research these tasks
Blue books pages 50-51
Green books pages 82-86

Mrs Strange also has a number of handouts to help you. Ask if you want them

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Pasteur Link
Interactive Lesson
More on Pasteur


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