Drugs in Sport

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the exercise then using the links at the bottom of the page find an example of two sports people who have been caught taking drugs. Write a short paragraph about what they took and why

An anabolic agent or can have a positive effect on performance. They can increase your muscle growth and . This could benefit a sportsperson such as a as they would be stronger. However they could also have serious side effects. This could include the development of body on a woman and damage. An example of a narcotic analgesic is . They are used as a and can help a sportsperson hide an injury or illness for example a footballer with a knee injury could carry on playing. This is dangerous as the injury could be made worse and they can be highly addictive. A or boxer may take diuretics to reduce their . They work by removing from the body. The side effects could be deydration, dizziness and cramps. Peptines, hormones and analogues can improve endurance by increasing the number of oxygen carrying blood cells. This could be attractive to a so they can keep going for longer period. The problem with this is that the blood is so there could be a risk of heart attack or stroke.Human Growth Hormone encourages muscle growth and improves the ability of the body to cope with . The dangers of taking HGH is that the heart can increase to an abnormal size or the performer could develop . Examples of stimulants are and amphetamines. They improve performace by keeping someone awake and speeding up reflexes. This could be useful to footballer to reduce the feeling of fatigue during a match. However they put a high levels of strain on the body and can make the performer feel anxious. keep the heart rate low and make you feel . Someone participating in or shooting could benefit as they would be more steady. However the performer could also feel faint. Blood is not a drug but a procedure. It involves an athlete taking blood from their own body, waiting for their body to naturally replace the blood and then injecting the taken blood back in. This increases the red blood cells in the body. These carry oxygen to the working muscles and therefore a performer would be able to work for longer. This could help a distance . This could also lead to increased blood pressure and problems.

Innocent or guilty?