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Sponsorship is the provision of or material assistance by a private enterprise/ business. In reurn it receives throught its association with the sport, club, event or performer. Businesses may provide the following types of sponsorship: money, kit, equipment, travel, scholarships, coaching.They benefit from increased advertising media coverage and association with a image..

In return for their investment sponsors expect maximum exposure and some of the effects of this may be negative. They may dictate the , date and place of an event to suit tv schedules. This may result in athletes competing in dangerously high temperatures. They often expect athletes to attend press conferences before and after events to ensure the sponsor's is given maximum exposure. Rule changes and seasonal changes have taken place in some sports to give them greater audience appeal.
Major sports, individuals, teams and events which are popular, successful and attract media coverage easily gain sponsorship. Minority sports, individuals, teams and events that may have public interest find it more to attract sponsors.

Sponsorship can benefit the sport, individual or event in the following ways:
- aids development of young stars
- reduces financial pressures, perhaps enabling training and competion to be
- funds events, by covering administrational and organisational costs
- provision of coaching, , travel and specialist
- increased income.
Disadvantages may include:
- exploitation to suit the sponsor's needs
- length of contract, may be short providing little
- support may if the athlete performs badly or profit is low
- minority sports may decline as major sports attract the most sponsorship
- sport may be associated with an unhealthy image if and sponsorship is accepted.

Sponsors gain from providing sponsorship in the following ways:
- their logo or brand names become well known
- they gain through media coverage of the athlete/ event/ sport
- they may not pay on the sponsorship provided
- they are associated with health, and popularity.
Disadvantages for the sponsor may include:
- risk, success in sport is not guaranteed
- media coverage may be reduced or
- they may be associated with a negative image if there is at an event or if the athlete/ team is associated with a scandal,eg. taking.