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Our physique can influence our success in certain sports or even the position we choose to play.For example, the ideal physique for a player would be over 2metres ( for a man) but this would be much too big for a jockey or a gymnast.

the long and the short of it
The human body comes in many shapes and sizes. identified three extreme main shapes which he called . The is pear-shaped, with narrow , wide and a lot of fat on their body, upper and . The mesomorph is , with shoulders, hips, arms and legs and body fat. The is linear.These people have narrow shoulders and hips, are very and have little fat or muscle on their bodies. Wrestlers are often , footballers and sprinters are usually and high jumpers and distance runners tend to be .
Body composition refers to the relative percentage of which makes up the body. Bone can affect one's ability to as denser bones will make it more difficult to float. Muscle mass is an advantage in power sports but would be a disadvantage in events. Excess fat will not help in most sports; it puts extra strain on the and muscles and performance can suffer as a result.
also affects our sports performance. Up to age nine or ten girls and boys develop at a similar rate and have similar body composition. This means that competition at this age is . At girls develop much faster than boys but then males gain greater advantage in terms of body , and percentage .
Performance can also be affected by . As young people's bones are still in the process of it is important to avoid placing too much strain on the body until physical maturity. Teenage boys can vary greatly in size and weight and coaches must be aware of this , particularly when introducing contact sports such as . As we move into our forties, performance starts to decline, particularly in terms of .