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Public Health Liberal Reforms
 Bitesize Notes
Reforms Themselves
Step 2: Extend your Knowledge
Step 3: Interactive Cloze

WALT: Why were the liberal reforms 1906-14 necessary and what did they change?
WILFs: Can describe and explain the reasons why there was a need and pressure for public health reform (C).... Can describe and explain the liberal reforms themselves (C)... Can evaluate how significant the liberal welfare reforms were in the history of public health in Britain (A)

Starter: Roaming Review - form teams of 3. Located around the room you will find 10 open ended questions on public health. You will get 2-3 minutes at each location to answer the question in as much depth as possible. Discuss the question and take it in turns to write. The activity is finished when you are back where you started.

1.       Describe how and why public health either progressed, regressed or stayed the same in all the historical periods from Prehistoric to industrial Times

2.       How and why was Roman public health so good?

3.       Give examples of when government has hindered public health progress

4.       Give examples of when government has helped public health regress

5.       How and why was medieval public health so bad in medieval Europe (the Christian bit)

6.       Which factor has been more important in the progress/regress of public health through time technology or religion? Explain with examples

7.       What particular public health problems were experienced in Britain around 1750-1800?

8.       Describe the role of as many individuals you can remember form the story of public health

9.       Which FACTOR has been most important in causing public health improvements government, Individuals or technology? Explain giving as many examples as you can

10.   Who made the more significant contribution to improving public health Chadwick, Snow or Vitruvius? Explain and justify your answer

Lesson Development 
1. Watch the clip above and list the reasons why there was a need for and a desire for public health reforms at the start of the 20th century - discuss - then take notes on what the Liberal reforms changed - discuss - then the significance of the liberal reforms
2. Stand and Share

3. Pair share
a) why was Public healh still bad at the end of the 19th century?
b) what motivated the liberal reforms of 1906-14
c) In what ways were the liberal reforms difrent from earlier public health reforms? 
3. Take your face partner to a computer using the links make notes in a table

Why was further reform needed/wanted?
Reforms Themselves
What reforms were passed and what did they change?



4. Complete the Interactive 
5. Plenary- promenade your partner - what was the significance of the liberal public health and welfare reforms (use the 4Rs!)
6. Stand and Share

Lesson 2 Development
Starter: FIND THE FICTION Review your notes on the liberal reforms from last lesson then Werite 3 Facts and one FICTION about the liberal reforms on a sheet of paper and play
1. Watch the clip below and make a list of improvments made to public health 1900 -48 and the resons why they were made
2. Stand and Share

3. Round Table Questions - in teams of 4
a) Explain why the liberal reforms were necessary and what motivated the Liberals in passing them
b) Describe what the Liberal reforms changed
c) What were the limitations of the liberal reforms?
d) What was the significance of the liberal reforms?
e) Of all the liberal reforms which do you think helped people the most? Explain your answer
4. All Write Consensus exam question then peer assessment

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