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Unit 5 : Activities for Health and Well Being
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Welcome to Unit 5 A Level Health and Social Care

Assessment evidence

Assessment evidence should consist of a report of an activity you have

undertaken in a relevant work-related context in the care sector with one

of the following service users' groups:

people who are ill

older people

people with specific needs

young children.

The activity may be with either an individual or with a small group.

If the activity is with an individual then you should work alone.

A group activity may be undertaken with a partner or group of other

learners working together, but in this case your own role must be made

clear and the evidence must be your own and presented in your words.

Your work must include evidence of all of the following:

a the types of activities you considered and the reasons for your choice

of activity with the service users chosen

b the benefits for the health and well-being of the service users

c planning for the activity including consideration of safety, and the

implementation and analysis of the activity

d evaluation of the activity including the benefits to the service users.

When you carry out interviews or activities with clients, as part of your

internally assessed work, it is essential that you obtain the client's consent

and maintain full confidentiality throughout.

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