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Making a Research Methods Assignment Pie!
1.    Step One - Write an introduction explaining why there is social research in health and social care (see textbooks)
2.    Step Two - Add a big dollop of information on all the different research methods and their advantages and disadvantages (lessons, textbooks, web site)
3.    Step Three - Season lightly with a link section which explains what are you are going to research, why, and what is known about this topic already (background reading to develop a hypothesis)
4.    Step Four - Add a section explaining your hypothesis and what research methods you intend to use explaining why you have chosen them - whisk gently
5.    Step Five - DO THE RESEARCH then bake on regulo 6
6.     Step six - Let cool, then taste - after tasting, Evaluate BOTH your research findings and your choice of methods

Mr Walker at lunch

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