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Possible Research Topics
A project which examines individuals life style choices and their impact on health - smoking, drugs, alcohol, exercise, obesity, STDs.
Example Hypothesis: Smoking and social class/gender - an examination of the links between lifestyle choice and other social factors
A project which surveys people's attitudes  towards health issues - smoking, drugs, alcohol , exercise, obesity, STDs
Example Hypothesis: Sex Education isn't working: a survey of teenage attitudes
A Case study of an individual with health issues and how they have met their challenges - e.g. a disabled person, a person who has fought a disease, an elderly person
Example Hypothesis: The elderly are more disabled by their environment than by physical disability
A case study of a health care professional and their role and or attitudes - for example their views and experience of health care reform, their views on client- professional relationship
Example Hypothesis: An investigation into the daily challenges of a nurse/doctor/carer etc. (if you choose this option you must have a reliable contact to utilize)

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