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Complete the activity in groups of 4

  1. Laud Humphreys "The Tearoom Trade"
  2. Labov " Sociolinguistic patterns
  3. Paul Willis Learning to Labour
  4. Mac an Ghaill "Parnell school "
  5. Kulick " Sex, Gender and culture amongst Brazilian transgendered prostitutes
  6. Nigel Fielding " The National Front "
  7. Val Hey "The company she keeps "
  8. Bandura "Bobo doll experiments "
  9. David Hargreaves "Social Relations in  secondary school "
  10. the Youth Cohort Study
  11. Gough's study of the Nayar

Investigate the above and take notes on:
1. Method Used
2. Summary of conclusions
3. Advantages of Method
4. Disadvantages of Method