Using forums in Teaching and Learning

This page is an online guide to using the Education Forum and the Student Education Forum. My presentation appears below for your reference. Beneath are a series of online tasks for you to do during the workshop section of today's training

Logging On

Log on here. Your username is your name your password is password

Your Biography

It is a condition of the free use of the Education forum that you tell the world who you are and what your role is in education. Add your biography as a New Topic

Educational Issues

Visit Educational Issues. Find a discussion which interests you and add a post!

Your Curriculum Area

Find your curriculum area. Are you able to find a useful resource or contribute to a discussion?

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert aims to put students in touch with cutting edge research and skilled practitioners. How could this be developed?

Trainee Teachers

Would you find this section interesting/useful as a student teacher or mentor?

The Student Forum

Visit the Student Forum. Try to think of 3 ways you could use such a facility with your students

Want to Make your own Forum?

If you are feeling adventurous click register and fill in the form with your details. Your board will be ready to use in a matter of minutes

Getting Started with IPB

Quick Guide to setting up your board

Learn More about using forums

Online seminar on how I use forums in my teaching


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